A classically trained musician since age 4, Hummingbird can’t recall life without rhythm and melody. Starting with violin, and followed closely by piano, drums and clarinet, she began composing classical music at age 10 and performed regularly for years, notably with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and in Disneyland with one of the country’s top youth jazz ensembles. Throughout college and adult life, she kept close watch over the evolving scenes of favorite genres. Then a chance introduction to Ableton flipped a switch that forever changed her interaction with music. Inspired to her core, she set about recharting her path and reigniting creative ambitions, leaving corporate success behind in favor of a more purpose-driven life and the deeper fulfillment that music always offered. Her philosophy: “It’s up to each of us to answer for ourselves, ‘Why am I here?’ Once you know the answer, there’s no choice but to bring this vision to life with every ounce of your being. Trusting your inner voice often means going against the grain, and requires a steady stream of courage, drive and inner conviction. But there is nothing more fulfilling, and no greater gift for you to share with the world than that which is uniquely you.” Making her presence known across the Americas, she’s recognized for her magnetic energy and ability to unite a dance floor. In her hometown of Chicago, she’s a regular presence at Spybar, Smartbar, Primary, and the respected Paradigm Underground parties, among many others. She’s played alongside top artists including Steve Lawler, Art Department, Coyu, Eelke Kleijn, Eli & Fur, Tube & Berger, Jody Wisternoff, Edu Imbernon, Gui Boratto, DAVI, Jeremy Olander, Shall Ocin, Olivier Giacomotto, Jan Blomqvist and Fritz Kalkbrenner… just to name a few. With broad influences ranging from Boards of Canada and The Chemical Brothers to Dmitri Kabalevsky’s piano concertos, Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash, she’s at home in the studio, drawing on the fertile ground of classical training and an insatiable appetite for sound and technology. As a DJ, her performances are dynamic and emotive, driven by relentless curation and an energetic, intuitive connection to the dance floor. Her productions feature the same complex, melodic elements as her DJ sets, with a focus on intelligent, forward-thinking sounds from across the spectrum of house and techno. Regardless of the of whether she’s in the studio or rocking a dance floor, her motive remains the same: to make you feel alive, connected, and deeply moved in that inexplicable way that allows you to dance without a care in the world.

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